Inspection of the container

Periodic inspection of the container

We conduct container CSC surveys in the port or on site wherever your container is.

In order to be able to use the container in freight transport, the container CSC inspection will be valid. An IICL Certified Inspector performs a container inspection.

CSC shielded container shipping container is from the date of manufacture, a first inspection shall be carried out within 5 years at the latest. Thereafter, the inspection must be carried out regularly if the container is used for cargo transportation.

At the time of each inspection, our inspector will mark the date of the CSC shield on the container, at which point the next inspection is to be carried out at the latest. Depending on the condition of the container, the next inspection interval may be up to 30 months.

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Container inspection and an analysis of any necessary repairs

During container inspection (CSC), the container is checked externally and internally as follows.

  • Constructive structure and ridge
  • Condition and cleanliness
  • Dents, dents, tears, holes and rusts
  • Door operation, container watertight / seals, floor and cargo attachment points
  • Container markings and ISO standard dimensions

If there are parts to be repaired in the container after the inspection to bring it into cargo, we will make a written, container-specific repair assessment.